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One mission Designing olfactory emotions, which reflect your identity

We were the first in Europe to recognise the value of olfactory branding as a communication channel with unparalleled appeal: we develop customised olfactory signatures through the most advanced distillation processes and diffuse them throughout your most strategic business environments thanks to highly technical diffusers. With the collaboration of the most prestigious noses in the sector, for us, perfume design becomes the search for an ethereal concept of beauty, precisely what has always set Made in Italy luxury apart.

“The richness of the Italian artistic heritage is also expressed in high perfumery: like ancient alchemists, we extract real emotional elixirs from matter, creating fragrances that reveal a unique soul and personality.”

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Within our ecosystem of professionals, the skills of marketing specialists, fragrance experts and Master Perfumers come together: a whole team at your disposal.

Be irresistible with the magnetic force of olfactory branding

Olfactory marketing is the subtlest evolution of sensory marketing and is able to positively influence the mood, judgement and behaviour of all those who visit your spaces. Creating an olfactory logo takes you to new levels of communication, to enter into an emotional and lasting relationship with your audience.

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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