Get inspired by Disinfection

Safety comes first in your environments

We have developed the ScentO3 system, the treatment that exploits the effectiveness of ozone to sanitise and disinfect without the use of chemicals: this natural gas, recognised by the Ministry of Health and the WHO, eliminates bacteria, viruses and pathogens from your working environments.


  • Sanitation, disinfection and hygiene
  • A system with no contraindications
  • Professional hygiene for business environments
  • Partnership with Research Centre
  • Professional generators with the CE marking
  • Disinfection at night and fragrance during the day

Active services 

  • Timer and software for remote dispensing
  • Pre- and post-sanitisation bacterial load test
  • Issuing of the sanitisation certificate

Excellence lies in the details

Our technicians can take action 24/7 in Italy and abroad, with personalised treatments: find out how to plan the professional disinfection of your spaces.

A guide to transform your customer's experience

Professional-quality disinfection can offer further prestige to your location. ScentO3 ozone generators are made in Italy with high-quality materials and can be adjusted and managed remotely thanks to dedicated software: discover all the advantages of professional sanitation in the dedicated guide.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

For luxury brands, the hygiene and disinfection of environments are imperative: guaranteeing sanitised air and surfaces to users of hotels, SPAs or other business environments is now an essential value and contributes to substantially improving your brand image.

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