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Extreme customisation for an identity composed of intangible emotions

For 20 years, we have been putting Made in Italy creative artisanship at the service of the most complete marketing strategies and designing personalised olfactory signatures for prominent partners such as luxury brands, spas and prestigious hotels, sophisticated department stores, companies in the F&B sector, exclusive residential locations and interior design companies. 

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Industry leader thanks to a far-reaching vocation

Our pioneering vision in the field of olfactory branding has offered companies innovative ways to enhance their identity, integrating a new sense of beauty into their communication choices: the biggest names in today’s luxury scene rely on sensory marketing to communicate through seductive emotional dimensions. 

Our mission to highlight your brand

The creation of an ad hoc olfactory signature represents an expressive nuance that remains rare and clearly distinctive today. Our goal is to support you in your pursuit of excellence, with a complete service that contents itself with nothing but the highest possible quality at every step.

Our history is made up of all your stories

The project came into being

The Scent Company activity was founded in 2002, when the current CEO of the company, Paolo Persico, saw the need for a significant transition from olfactory marketing to olfactory branding: a change of perspective from the simple diffusion of evocative fragrances within spaces to the actual creation of customised olfactory signatures, designed in collaboration with the client brand.

Evolving technology

Scent Company has always been committed to the search for efficient diffusion technologies which, in addition to realising the maximum expression of the branding project, are also functional, practical and easy to use. The installation of the first Remote machine with remote control follows this trend: equipped with a SIM card and a GSM system, it simplifies the monitoring of installations in customers' environments.

Going beyond boundaries

The desire to broaden horizons led Scent to develop olfactory branding projects all over the world, supported by an international network of experts, distributors and specialised technicians: the opening of an office in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, was one of the first steps towards global coverage and presence in the various regions covered by the company.

Ongoing expansion

Continuing to break down operational barriers, Scent Company opened an office in the USA, offering professional support on the American continent too. Furthermore, alongside the more traditional sectors of hospitality and retail, requests from many new sectors such as transport, communications, museums and virtual cultural spaces, co-working spaces, event companies, corporate offices and many others were on the rise.

New alliances, new value

Scent Company signed an agreement with Culti Milano, transferring the majority share of the company to the historic brand, recognised worldwide for the production and distribution of home and personal care fragrances.

Our idea of quality

We have rigorous methods to choose our business partners and the ingredients of our olfactory creations.

Strict supplier selection
Quality of the raw materials
Proven production processes
Pre- and post-production checks

Our philosophy

We are inspired by shared values, to combine creativity, commitment and professionalism.

Innate creative vocation
Continuous research
Passion for precision
Proven robust business

Made in Italy

It all stems from our land, history and cultural heritage: for Italians, there is beauty around every corner, and it is linked to a specific and heartfelt cultural identity. The fruits of this attitude can be found both in artistic talent and in scientific research, as well as in the desire to find better solutions with each passing day. 

In our DNA The same desire to excel as our customers

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