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An emotional experience that stimulates all five senses

Perfume has surprising power: it unleashes intense emotional storms with no warning. Associating your event with a fragrance that talks about your brand allows you to transform it into an intoxicating multi-sensory perceptual experience. 


  • Make your event an emotional experience
  • Convey your values while evoking pleasant sensations
  • Increase the positive perception of your brand
  • Stand out among competitors in terms of innovation
  • Expand the very concept of event

Active services 

  • Rental of stand-alone diffusers
  • Create a private-label or co-branded collection

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A guide to transform your customer's experience

Especially in the luxury sector, it is now widely accepted that olfactory marketing can be an excellent boost in the showcasing of brand identity. Explore all the ways to integrate your distinctive fragrance into your events in our mini-book.

A thousand ways to make you recognisable and memorable

La creatività di un evento si esprime sotto molteplici sfaccettature: aromatizzarne la location significa portare l’esperienza su un livello di personalizzazione difficilmente eguagliabile altrimenti. Scopri le nostre news dedicate al settore eventi e inizia a sognare il tuo progetto di marketing olfattivo.

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