Sanitize your car and stay safe

The presence of viruses has lately compromised and changed deeply the way of living we knew before, starting from the simplest things as greeting a friend with a warm hug or our whole routine. We are now required to follow new security measures that are necessary to keep the community as safe as possible and avoid the creation of similar situations. Every space can be possibly dangerous if too crowded or if a lot of different individuals use it, an example could be your vehicle.

People come on and off of it daily and feel usually safe in it once the car door is closed as if they had locked out all the bacteria, but it’s quite the opposite. The interior of your car can be the perfect place for viruses to hide and grow because is where you most likely let your guard down by, for example, taking your mask off. Now, there’s a way to solve this problem that won’t in any way compromise the leather of your seat or anything at all in your car.

This is possible by using one of the portable ozone generators that will allow you to sanitize your vehicle in just a few minutes. The treatment will allow you to reduce the bacterial and viral load in your car, as a great and effective alternative to chemical cleaning products.

Ozone is as efficient as it gets because is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known, thanks to its high oxidizing and sanitizing power. It eliminates any pathogen in a very short time from your vehicle’s interior, even the most hidden ones. Being a gas, it is easy to reach all the spots that you wouldn’t be able to even touch with regular cleaning products.

Contrary to other disinfectants, such as chlorine, it leaves no residue. Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. Once its sanitizing action is over, the gas turns into oxygen without leaving any chemical residue.

During the treatment, no one is allowed to remain close to the environment, and, once done, it will be sufficient to ventilate the vehicle before entering again. It is only possible to find advantages of this way of sanitizing because it doesn’t leave any kind of residues or chemicals, it can’t stain any of your interiors, and it’s the fastest and most efficient way of doing it, taking only minutes of your time.  Recognized by the Ministry of Health, it is the most effective solution for the disinfection of professional environments, for your home, but also smaller environments such as your car.

The expert technicians of Scent Company intervene daily all-around Italy and abroad, with our special treatments accompanied by machinery exclusively manufactured in Italy with the CE mark and the support of a center of research of Italian excellence.

Feel safe again in your car, rely on Scent Company.

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