Concept Stores can not live without a custom Signature Scent!

Today, the concept store is a heterogeneous sales point, with a large surface area, several merchandise exhibited, a lifestyle presentation rather than a product presentation. The goal is to create a setting where the exploration, the discovery by the customer is full of suggestions – coming both from the variety of products on display and from the architecture of the location. The big challenge is to offer a full satisfying and memorable shopping experience.

Among the big names of Concept Stores in Italy and abroad there is (Article on Forbes ), a historic multibrand store that has recently inaugurated a new megastore inside the Lambardi Palace in Arezzo.

A project that is futuristic: a store, a relais with 12 rooms, a bar designed by De Cotiis Architects and Baciocchi Associates and enveloped by a bespoke ambient fragrance created by @ScentCompanyitaly

The owner is Beppe Angiolini who has spent a lifetime traveling the world in search of new styles. Ever since Beppe Angiolini inaugurated the Sugar brand in 1979, he has never lost the reputation of a buyer to whom all fashion brands would like to sell, because over time he has decreed the fortune of many. And after 40 years of career, he seems not to have lost the magic touch, nor the desire to build creative and magical luxury shopping environments.

We interviewed Sugar’s @beppe_angiolini :

“I trust in the online a lot but at the same time I believe that the physical store is the demonstration of what you are and it is important to focus on excellent physical spaces and multi-sensory experiences”

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