Designing an Olfactory Branding Project for a Bank means to create a multisensory experience for its clients

Hotels, Luxury Brands, Stores, SPAs and so on use scents for branding. Now financial institutions are getting in on the trend, creating their own Olfactory Branding Project and Signature Scent.

What is an olfactory branding project?

An Olfactory Branding project creates a full sensory imprint by integrating scent as a pillar of the brand identity, where the clients’ comfort and emotions are essential for the experience of the brand, the place and the service.

  1. In particular, creating an Olfactory Branding Project for the Brand of a Bank means to create a multisensory experience for its clients, improve the customer experience and satisfaction and heighten the level of customer care.
  2. Furthermore, adding a fragrance to bank branches can create a relaxing atmosphere for anxious customers or create a more pleasant environment for those that may perceive the banking experience to be stressful or dull. If clients are more relaxed and comfortable, they will have a more positive experience with the brand, resulting in higher customer retention.
  3. Scenting the rooms is an ancient art that characterizes and con­notes the function of a place, encourages conviviality, revitalizes, reassures and influences the state of mind.

Research shows scented environments have increased levels of customer satisfaction and are perceived more favorably by clients.

Scenting is a true mood enhancer, which also improves brain activity. In short, the essences take care of the person even among the walls where they live or work. The new model is a home, or office which is sensitive, intelligent and emotion­al.

How to create an olfactory branding project for a Bank?

Scent Company creates the olfactory identity of the Brand of the Bank. The signature scent is diffused by professional scent diffusers placed in selected areas.

The fragrance diffusers may be equipped with a remote control device and can be connected to the air conditioning system in place. The same perfume can be incorporated in a scented collection (rattan sticks diffusers, scented candles, room & linen sprays, room sprays, scented cards, eau de parfum, etc.) and other scented marketing material.

Some companies choose to create a range of different room fragrances that accompany the client, together with the basic and identifying signature scent of the brand, inside the Bank through a veritable olfactory scenography.

To learn more about how Scent Company can help distinguish your Bank with scents, please contact us  – Scent Company, Bergamo – Italy Tel. +39 035 720880

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