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Make your store experience memorable through all five senses

The store still has a crucial role. More than before, the store is the reference “touch-point” o

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The Smell of a Place and of a Brand. How a Bespoke Fragrance influences clients in store

A PERFUME AS A SOURCE OF JOY Smell is one of the first senses that awakens in a baby and guides its

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Chasing Galeries Lafayette Katara Plaza perfume sillage

Les Galeries Lafayette Katara Plaza, Doha have relied, together with Scent Company, on the persuasiv

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Inside the invisible but influential world of Hogan in-store Scent Branding

Can you really have a relationship with someone you have never met? Is it possible to feel close to

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Rinascimento Scent Identity: a fragrance that transports you to a bed of blooming orchids

Scent Company has recently completed the olfactory branding project for the made-in-Italy fashion br

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The Olfactory Journey of SKP Beijing and Xi’an

In March 2017, our Scent Company’s Marketing & Communication team flew to Paris together with

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