Inside the invisible but influential world of Hogan in-store Scent Branding

  • Can you really have a relationship with someone you have never met?
  • Is it possible to feel close to a person without knowing him/her in real life?

Nothing can compete with the ALCHEMY of the real world!

Likewise in the world of luxury retail, nothing is able to convey the emotions and perceptions of a brand if not experiencing it in the real life.

In order to encourage clients, who are used to stay “behind their displays”, more and more companies, like Hogan, rely on experiential and multi-sensory marketing strategies, stimulating customers inside their stores acting and impacting on all their five senses.

In particular, the sense of SMELL has the power to transport out of you, to another place (the journey) and to another time (the memory). Perfum is a vehicle for a inner journeying, a powerful means of stimulation and evocation, an important component as light or sound in the layout of the store.

Your clients’ eyes might be closed, but the signature scent diffused in-store let them see the INVISIBLE!


Hogan signature scent, designed exclusively by Scent Company, is now present inside its flagships. The custom ambient fragrance is diffused in strategic areas of stores through hidden high-tech scent diffusers, made by Scent Company with an exclusive technology and a remote control system.

Olfactory Branding is more than just diffusing a pleasant scent in the store but it is a branding and communication tool able to transmit the company’s brand identity and values, to amplify the brand experience and establish a long lasting connection with clients.

“A perfumer and a photographer walk the same route in turn, each capturing the essence of a place or a brand, using their preferred sense” – Céline Ellena

Hogan Scent Identity

Smelling the signature scent of Hogan inside its stores we can’t help but filled with the joys of a cool summer morning with pungent spicy notes of ginger, that appear and disappear like comets stars and a good dose of long lasting intense Vetyver, White Musk, Amber, Seaweed and Cedarwood. An inspired fragrance that gets noticed and won’t be forgotten thanks to the delicious mix of heart notes of jasmine, magnolia, petitgrain, aldehyde, lily of the valley and lilac.

Never overpowering but graceful like the dancing bells of the flowers this signature fragrance has a surprising ability to speak to the heart more than the head.

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