The olfactory tale of the signature scent of Nira Montana Luxury Hotel

The decoration and the atmosphere of the hotel are not a simple embellishment but are able to give a personality and comfort to the location, make the stay more enjoyable and offer well-being to guests.

With the primary goal of personalization, uniqueness and tailoring, Scent Company combines the interior decorating with a tailor-made signature scent which accompanies and envelops guests inside the hotel.

For Luxury 5 Star Hotel, DesignHotels® Member Nira Montana La Thuile, Scent Company has designed a tailored fragrance to perfectly integrate the mood and the philosophy of the hotel.

Composing an exclusive ambient fragrance is essentially a creative act that calls for passion, talent, imagination and an extremely keen sense of smell. The real magic is to take dozens of different fragrances and blending them together, ensembling single notes to reach a melody of scented emotions, memories and sensations that are linked to the Nira Montana experience.

Through the olfactory tale of Nira Montana signature scent we connect you with the heart of Europe’s highest mountains and pure nature.

The woody and fresh fragrance integrates perfectly with the interior design having a strong presence of natural and wooden materials in both the furnishings and in the finishes, mixing traditional alpine and contemporary design.

A woody fragrance enriched with Bergamot of Sicily, Lime and Davana. The woody notes of Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood and Vetyver take you on a flight to the Alpine Wood with all of its colours. Finally, precious white musk accompanies us in a dreamlike, intriguing and intimate dimension.

This is an impressive ambient scent, for an interior space having an indomitable character, which wants to dress an original, not obvious aura.

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  – Scent Company, Bergamo, Italy–

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