Luxury Olfactory Identities

“Scents are part of our lives. They remind us, even after many years, of a precise moment, of a person, of a period in our lives, of a special atmosphere. More than a photo album, rather than a drawer full of memoires, our history is made of memories of scents and fragrances”.
Scent Company addresses prestigious brands and leads them in the establishment of olfactory identity and ambient scenting solutions and emotional experiences for their guests and customers, with their own olfactory logo, professional diffusing systems, natural fragrances and a personalized olfactory décor.

The highly professional fragrancing systems cover the needs of any type of indoor space. With personalized fragrances and the creation of each brand’s own Olfactory Logo, as well as personalizing the indoor environment with perfumed fittings and accessories, all featured by a packaging of indisputable elegance and refinedness. Scent Company is in the flagship stores of the most prestigious brands that assess Made in Italy quality throughout the World.

The most prestigious luxury brands at National and International level and the most exclusive hotels in Italy and in the World have chosen Scent Company, with its ability to meet the needs for personalization and excellence of a demanding and refined public.


Thanks to an International network with local teams and distributors,Scent Company provides its customers with its highly experienced service for personalized scenting installations and prestigious olfactory complements in each and every Country of the World.
Important brands rely on Scent Company for the installation of scent diffusers and exclusive personalized olfactory identity solutions in their flag-ship stores or hotel chains throughout the World. Scent Company is able to guide its clients across the most sophisticated scenting solutions, developing olfactory logos that reflect the Brand identity.


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