Olfactory Marketing

Building your strong self with the Olfactory Branding

The Luxury Branding has gone beyond with the Olfactory Branding, through which a tailored and target

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What is your favourite fragrance? Mint is one of our favourites

What about Mint and Room Fragracing Mint has been closely entwined with the idea of hospitality—th

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The power of your custom abstract ambient scent

Nowadays we can see the continued growth of luxury and niche ambient scents made to measure for Bran

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The language of a scent is invisible but it always tells us a story

Just like a story, a scent has a beginning (top notes), a middle (heart notes) and an end (base note

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Envelope yourself within the ambience created by your truly tailored scent

The art of perfumery has accompanied us for more than four millennia: in ancient time, perfume was u

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Scent Marketing and Health

How to enjoy fragranced surroundings and scent marketing services without worrying about impacts on

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