Ambient scent: a new frontier for interior designers and architects

Our brain has incredible potential for interpreting external stimuli. Our relationship with the outside world is made up of an intricate mesh of subtle yet constant reactions. And there’s no doubt that the most mysterious and alluring of these are linked to our reaction to smell. The sense of smell and the limbic system are entwined: just a drop of perfume nebulized in the air is enough to release associations and memories that influence our mood and the choices we make.

The hyper-creative, dynamic world of interior design often takes its cue from the latest psychological theories, to design sensory innovations that appeal to our senses of vision or touch, even hearing. The sense of smell has been the least explored of these – until now: scent marketing strategies offer an unmissable opportunity if you’re a designer or an architect looking for a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

So, how can the invisible art of perfume help you to express the full potential of your creative ideas?

If your designs were a fragrance…

Through your creative process, the concept comes to life in renderings and 3D models. It takes on its own personality through the colours, textiles, lighting, furnishings and textures that you choose. But have you ever stopped to think of the most suitable scent for your interiors?

Here’s something you might not know: scent is the subtle yet all-important detail that will invite people into your space, and then spur them on to linger a little longer. Smells are what trigger the most intense, unforgettable emotions in our mind, thanks to their primal ability to release memories, sensations and dormant instincts.

We’ll let you into a little secret: now, you can give your designs their own unique identity by exploring the possibilities of scent marketing. This lesser-known communication strategy will give an authentic touch to all the projects you put your name to.

Design and scent marketing: amplifying your message

For creative professionals, it’s essential to be able to express the personality of their interior designs. Olfactory marketing lets you portray the character of your projects, using exclusive signature scents.

What are the benefits of this new form of creativity? For one, a custom scent architecture can help you convey the sense of hospitality and comfort you have in mind. Or it can imbue a space with the universally understood emotional nuances that are associated with a particular fragrance.

By working with the Master Perfumers and marketing experts at Scent Company, you can leverage the psychological power of scent marketing. And you’ll be giving your portfolio a boost, by making your interiors immediately recognizable among millions of others, elevating the perception of value around them. By designing sophisticated scent landscapes that venture beyond the material world into the unexplored realm of the subconscious, you can turn every ambience into an innovative sensory experience. This ultimately translates into forging new, stronger bonds with your clients.

Bespoke diffusion systems to satisfy your creativity

Let Scent Company work its magic on your interiors, with our professional diffusion systems that distribute fragrance through the air evenly. Artfully created olfactory pyramids are combined with high-quality ingredients and uniform scent distribution to provide a complete, fulfilling experience.

We offer a choice of installations: visible, portable or permanent, wall-mounted or concealed, all linked to the existing UTA systems and operated via remote control.

Safety first

Scent Company’s diffusion systems also ensure the utmost safety for the interiors you design, and for their future inhabitants too: all of the fragrances we use are compliant with VOC and IFRA regulations. The detailed safety sheets (MSDS) we provide mean you can rely on us as a trusted partner for your creative projects.

Design your space, make it unique, and monitor it remotely

Every day, Scent Company’s consultants work side by side with the leading professionals in your sector, to create fragrances that are a perfect match for each project’s identity – whether it’s a hotel, a corporate space or retail outlet.

After we have created your custom scent, then comes the phase of setting up suitable diffusion systems to release your chosen scent through the air evenly. We’ll take care of everything: from supplying the fragrance, to refills and maintenance. You can count on our network of local partners all over the world, available 24/7.

Integrated GPS systems also allow us to monitor the amount of scent being released. This ensures that it is always distributed consistently and adequately for the size of the interior, without being intrusive.

Feeling the urge to experiment? When tackling your next project, why not push the boundaries of your imagination and take it further with novel, enticing sensory perceptions?

Book a discovery session with our experts, and start your journey towards fresh horizons in interior design!

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