Boost your brand identity with a bespoke olfactory logo

Every brand has a story to tell. The real challenge is how to tell it so engagingly that you make your audience want to be a part of it. Helping you to achieve that goal are all the key elements that make up your brand identity. In other words, the way your brand expresses its identity through all the visible elements that are immediately perceptible to potential customers.

Creating a brand identity means fixing a unique set of associations in customers’ minds. Those associations will perfectly express the brand DNA, promise and personality. When is a brand identity really effective? When audience perceptions mirror the company’s communication goals, and when all points of contact between the brand and its audience tell the same story, in unison.

New strategies for being memorable

The primary goal of anyone responsible for corporate branding is to make a company’s identity memorable in consumers’ minds. To achieve that, more and more businesses are turning to sophisticated, immersive brand experiences; strategies that aim to stimulate the public’s senses by creating authentic, unforgettable experiences.

In attempting to establish emotional resonance with their target audiences, marketing experts are increasingly looking to the world of opportunities offered by the sense of smell, and its ability to stimulate brain activity in remarkably profound, surprising ways. High-end brands are using fragrances as a strategic element of their identities, reinforcing the brand narrative and expanding it to reach new horizons.

Neuromarketing, fragrances and persuasion

The latest neuromarketing research places perfumes among the most engaging communication tools. That’s because in the brain, fragrances are processed via a unique pathway: the limbic system processes the scents that reach our nostrils and is the same part of the brain that manages emotions, moods and behavioural reactions to external stimuli.

For brands, this makes it extremely strategic to tap into that subtle neurochemical process, by attempting to create olfactory landscapes. These are designed not to trigger sensations at random, but to influence them accurately, to channel customers’ unconscious reactions in a specific direction.

Scent marketing is a tactic now employed by numerous major brands. We now know that ambient scents can evoke specific emotional reactions in people entering a company’s offices or retail space. When used skilfully, fragrances can invite people to enter a space, create the perfect ambience, encourage customers to stay there for longer, and influence both the shopping experience and their relationship with the brand.

But what if this power to engage and stimulate the emotions could be the key to building an utterly irresistible brand identity? That was the idea behind creating exclusive ‘scent signatures’: this marketing strategy is situated midway between the captivating power of emotions, and the scientific approach of the most complex neural processes.

A brand identity that stirs the emotions

Olfactory branding is the evolution of scent marketing. It is capable of leveraging the brain’s systems for processing external stimuli: in other words, the systems that allow human beings to perceive and interpret the world around them. The purpose is to influence those systems through sophisticated marketing techniques, so that they produce predetermined, unconscious results.

Today, we can combine the ancient art of perfume with the most advance neuroscientific findings, to create one-of-a-kind olfactory logos. These are designed to reflect the brand’s unique personality, its USP and the mission it declares to its target audience.

Creating a brand identity is a delicate operation; a brand’s identity is a combination of elements that co-exist in equilibrium with each other and, ultimately, with the end consumer. Scenting a brand means enriching the journey in the customer’s imagination with emotional nuances that have a strong impact on their psyche.

A brand’s olfactory logo is an exclusive fragrance that expresses a company’s personality, vision and relationship with its target audience in a way that becomes instantly recognizable. It’s a way of reinforcing and affirming brand identity, by establishing a connection with the customer that’s just not possible through the other sensory channels.

This scent becomes a tool for narrating the brand and planting a real “olfactory story” into customers’ minds. It becomes a sensory message imbued with storytelling potential, with the power to paint a brand’s identity in clear brushstrokes. This makes the brand memorable, creating a strong sense of affinity and belonging, and generates bonds that take root in the furthest flung corners of the mind.

A tailormade process, guided by our experts

Here at Scent Company, building a brand identity means combining the skills of eminent Master Perfumers with the knowhow of marketing experts, who are familiar with the most leading-edge communication concepts. The starting point for creating a bespoke olfactory logo is an in-depth client briefing session, during which we’ll gather detailed information; in many ways, it’s similar to creating a traditional brand identity.

Armed with this detailed knowledge of the client, which we tease out with an empathic approach, we can work our magic: to instil a brand’s storytelling capital into a custom-made fragrance with stunning evocative powers.

Each drop of fragrance is infused with a brand’s aspirations, its evolution, its objectives, its character, the unique qualities of its human resources, the dedication driving it, its innovations, its ‘reason why’ and its very essence.  All the elements that make it unique and appealing in the eyes of its community of target customers.

Finding your own olfactory signature means opening the doors to a new form of communication. One that’s multi-sensory, irrational, original and highly effective. Once you’ve found it, you can diffuse it in your spaces using the most advanced, high-tech systems for nebulization and evaporation,

Contact us and start standing out from the crowd today, by harnessing the incredible emotional power of perfume!

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