Event scenting: giving indelible memories

profumo eventi

Deeply ‘connected’ with their audience and pervaded by emotional traits with a strong appeal: all successful brands share these distinctive characteristics. Today, stimulating the instincts, emotional ties and sense of belonging in their audience is one of the most popular strategies among successful companies, aware that playing with the most irrational areas of the mind is essential to take communication to a totally different level.

Experience marketing builds on these concepts and aims to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences that will stay with consumers for a very long time. What better than an event to promote your brand in a direct and effective way? Event marketing allows you to connect with your target audience by speaking not only to their rational mind but also, and more importantly, to those areas of the brain that process feelings and memories.

From each event, participants bring with them a wealth of cognitive, but also sensory and relational experiences, as well as a mix of impressions that inextricably combine colours, lights, sounds, faces, tastes and smells. Creating a memorable experience means activating all five senses and giving everyone a good reason not to forget.

Thanks to its direct connection with the limbic brain and the nervous system, the sense of smell is the most immediate and powerful of the senses: scenting your event with a specially composed fragrance allows you to transform the occasion into an exciting experience.

So when planning your event, imagine what kind of emotional experience you want your guests to have in your space and let our Scent Experts guide you in creating the perfect olfactory harmony.

Why scent your next event?

In a world dominated by a constant bombardment of stimuli and information, standing out in a crowd has become an essential mission and organising events follows this imperative. You may decide to create an event linked to your brand for a variety of reasons: celebrating a company anniversary, presenting a new product, promoting yourself at a trade fair, inaugurating a new store, talking to the press, making yourself known through roadshows, supporting social or non-profit initiatives, proposing new collections and much more.

Whatever the occasion, an event is a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand identity, strengthening your brand through engaging sensory displays that convey a clear message. Carefully chosen staging, music and lighting are essential, but by now every company knows that they need to take care of these details to organise a successful event.

But how many are thinking of a scenting strategy when planning their event Well-known international brands are already embracing the principles of scent marketing, but even today olfactory branding remains the exclusive preserve of the most original and discerning luxury brands. Scenting your event with a personalised olfactory logo allows you to stand out for your innovation and gain a clear competitive advantage.

Our perfumers help you to find the notes that best represent the identity of your brand and the mood of the event you wish to organise. The magic effect of your scent diffused in the air will expand the boundaries of space and imagination, making your event a true parallel microcosm out of time and everyday life., Olfactory sensations speak a universal and internationally comprehensible language, leaving it to the most pleasant emotions to define the traits of your brand.

Your Signature Scent will tell a secret story to the unconscious mind of your visitors, making the event an irresistible interlude that everyone will want to keep in their memory and tell again, whenever the opportunity arises.

Is an olfactory logo suitable for your event?

The suggestive power of a perfume can stimulate the imagination and even influence the mood of those who breathe it. This is why the sense of smell has captivated the most sensitive artists of all times and still fascinates the marketing and communication specialists of the biggest international brands. Our Scent Experts work with well-known brands, professionals and companies in a wide range of business sectors, adding a touch of creativity to their corporate events.

We have been involved in the most prestigious fashion shows, for the creation of exclusive olfactory scenarios able to enhance the leitmotif of the fashion collections on the catwalk. Luxury brands such as Bally, Church’s, Ferragamo and others have turned to us to perfume their events, but also their boutiques, showrooms or temporary stores in the fashion capitals.

We have also scented the sensory events of the most seductive wellness brands, such as QC Terme Milano: we created an aromatic and spicy fragrance for them, with the intention of surprising the guests of their Christmas Party 2022 called ‘Sognando New York’ to celebrate the opening of their first overseas centre. A personalised olfactory logo is also perfect to enrich an event dedicated to Fashion, such as White Milano: the international showcase of contemporary fashion, which we scented with the olfactory logo created for Sugar, a luxury store for everything fashion

In the context of trade fairs, conventions or launches of new corporate solutions, scenting the ambience with targeted essences can contribute – in an unconscious and incisive way – to outline the personality of the brand in the minds of guests and to underline the most important peculiarities of the novelties proposed to the public. These were precisely the aims of the projects carried out for Minotti at the Salone del Mobile 2019 and for the 48th edition of EHMA: the annual meeting whose members include the directors of the most important groups in the hotel industry. And that’s not all: even strategic areas of large events can be effectively scented with customised room fragrances, diffused in large spaces thanks to our powerful diffusion systems.

Create your own olfactory signature with Scent Company

Scent is therefore today’s most invisible yet indispensable element in the branding of any event. Rely on Scent’s experts to find your personal combination of olfactory notes and take advantage of our technicians’ know-how to find the most efficient diffusion solutions, choosing between nebulisers to be integrated in UTA systems or practical stand-alone mobile evaporators.

Let your brand become a unique experience: book a consultation with our experts now and design the intangible boundaries of your next event.

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