Olfactory marketing and olfactory branding: advantages and differences

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Among the five senses which allow us to perceive the outside world, smell boasts the innate ability to communicate with the most ancient areas of the brain, creating incredibly intense emotional states. In fact, perfumes and smells are processed by the same areas of the brain which are involved in mnemonic processes, so they can generate spontaneous reactions and moods, which are often directly connected to more personal memories.

It’s enough for a fragrance to tickle our nostrils, for the mind to be guided on a journey through distant times and spaces, as if we were suspended in a small bubble moving outside of reality. These are the reasons which explain the success of olfactory marketing: scent marketing is one of the most sophisticated branches of experiential marketing; that is, the communication strategy which aims to overcome rational barriers, to link consumption choices to sensory experiences felt at the time of purchase.

Winning people over through the five senses means making the most of an unavoidable statistic: two-thirds of the choices which customers make within commercial spaces are connected to purely subjective multi-sensory perceptions. Beyond the boundaries of olfactory marketing, however, there are even more new and interesting frontiers available to brands which want to distinguish themselves, namely those of olfactory branding.

How exactly are scent marketing and the creation of customised olfactory signatures different?

What is Olfactory Marketing?

Olfactory marketing is, as has already been mentioned, an effective communication strategy based on the ability of essences to recall positive memories and create uncontrollable emotions in the minds of consumers. Scent marketing includes all those tactics which use smells and fragrances to influence the customer journey and make the in-store experience unforgettable.

The diffusion of pleasant and intriguing fragrances is part of the construction of multisensory scenographies, a trend which many prestigious brands are now adopting in their environments. From the big names in fashion to professional studios, from hotels to the most refined residential locations, up to the most famous F&B chains: there are now many application contexts of olfactory marketing and its use generally accompanies the adoption of precise interior design choices, skilful management of lights and sounds and attention to every detail to create profound sensory comfort.

A pleasant environment has numerous effects on customers which are beneficial for the brand. A relaxing perfume can, for example, increase the in-store stay time and spontaneously increase the average value of the sales receipt. Furthermore, the diffusion of evocative fragrances in the departments of shopping centres can influence customers’ final choices and cause surprising increases in sales: several studies have shown that the simple diffusion in the air of aromas like bread, coffee or sweets has created an unconscious purchase push by increasing conversions.

The principles of scent marketing are also used by large companies to create productive workspaces for their collaborators, as well as by professionals (wellness operators, consultants, artisans, etc.) who want to turn their studios into a multi-sensory pampering for visitors.

One of the unique advantages of olfactory marketing is also its ability to act as an element of customer loyalty. An appropriately perfumed space is much more easily imprinted in the memories of the people who visit it, encouraging them to look for points of contact with that particular brand again in the future to repeat the same positive brand experience.

The olfactory signature, a revolutionary marketing idea

One of the most essential objectives of every company is to effectively convey its history and values, inviting the audience to identify with its brand identity. It is from this perspective that an even more original and personalised application of olfactory marketing and its infinite opportunities comes into play: what can be more effective than a tailor-made fragrance, to talk about oneself to customers without the possibility of being misunderstood?

Seductive, persuasive and irrational: the sense of smell has always played a key role in our interpersonal relationships and in the construction of our memories. The ability to tell and reveal without the need for words makes the sense of smell a precious resource, even in the vast universe of branding strategies. And creating a personalised olfactory signature means extending the boundaries of sensory marketing to accompany customers on a new path of discovery. The secret to success is the identification of an olfactory pyramid which best represents the brand and which manages to condense all the characteristics attributable to the brand into a few drops of essence.

Communicating through an olfactory logo does not therefore mean limiting oneself to spreading a pleasant, relaxing or energising fragrance in the rooms, but instead creating a real tailor-made essence which embraces all the nuances of one’s brand and elegantly whispers them to the consumers’ unconscious. It is a branding tool which amplifies the company-customer relationship and establishes deep and lasting relationships based on the most unprecedented sensory experiences.

Thousands of essences are available and their effects on the body are numerous: in fact a perfume can reassure, revitalise, relax, stimulate concentration, encourage socialisation, lighten thoughts, soothe, recall distant scenarios, inspire, transport to unexplored latitudes and much more. There are therefore infinite possible combinations of notes available to companies to create personalised olfactory logos which make them immediately recognisable, unique, impossible to forget.

An emotional bond created from these special sensory levers is incredibly strong and long-lasting, so much so that it goes beyond the concepts of space and time.

Scent Company Experience

The formulation of unique olfactory logos has been our core business for over 20 years and we have supported hundreds of luxury brands in their adventurous paths of discovery. As well as helping you identify the essence of your business project, we also take care of designing diffusion systems in line with your environments and with your branding objectives.

Get in touch with our consultants and experience a new version of your brand: an irresistible one.

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