Scenting an event with a goal: being memorable

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Authenticity is today the most sought-after characteristic in the interaction between a company and its customers. Whereas long ago a brand could afford to be an abstract and impersonal entity, to meet today’s consumer expectations it must acquire a human component and an unmistakable personality.

The interaction between companies and their customers has entered an extraordinarily direct and intimate dimension, laced with shared values and highly-engaging common visions. In order to win over your consumers, it is now essential to capture their imagination and court their desire for immersive experiences.

It is in this new context that event marketing is gaining ground: the organisation of corporate events aimed at promoting a brand, product or service builds exactly the kind of ‘humanised’ interaction capable of creating strong and lasting connections with the target audience.

The perfect combination of event marketing and scent branding

Promoting your business or your offer through event marketing means trying to win a special place in the minds of consumers by offering a brand experience made of unforgettable sensory perceptions.

The world of fragrance opens the door to new interpretations of event marketing: associating an event with an exclusive fragrance makes it a true multisensory adventure, driven by intensely emotional perceptions.

In fact, it is the limbic system, one of the oldest and most instinctive areas of the brain, which perceives and processes the fragrances we breathe, and which is responsible for processing the most overwhelming thing we are lucky enough to experience: emotions.

Our Scent Experts are dedicated to creating unforgettable sensory scenes to enrich your events with profound emotional nuances. Thanks to the magic of scent marketing you can build exclusive scents that are not just sensory decorations, but your brand’s genuine stories or intense narratives of the event with which you present yourself to your audience.

Already the principles of olfactory marketing suggest scenting the locations where you welcome your customers, to carefully select the sensations you wish to evoke in their subconscious. But olfactory branding goes further, allowing you to create a true olfactory logo that encapsulates in an exclusive fragrance the character of your brand or the offer you want to make irresistible.

Mediterranean Breeze: the summer opening of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia

The evocative power of fragrance was the original idea that characterised the prestigious evening at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia. The start of the Milanese aperitif season was celebrated at the beginning of May 2022 with a charming event, hosted in the unique setting of the hotel terrace.

Scent Company’s experience made all the difference to the success of the event, and it was the sensory experiences of the evening that played a decisive role for those who had the opportunity to experience it first-hand. We designed and created a customised olfactory fragrance for the event.

The leitmotif of the ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ event at the Gallia was precisely the fresh emotion aroused by the arrival of summer, imagining welcoming it from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, immersed in its characteristic explosion of scents, colours and flavours.

The night under the stars could therefore only be enriched by the vital and invigorating notes of a fragrance inspired by typical Mediterranean vegetation and its sun-ripened fruits. It was the scents of orange blossom and orange flower that tickled the nose of the Gallia’s guests, and the citrus top notes of the fragrance also embraced essences of geranium and Ylang Ylang.

In the heart of the fragrance, on the other hand, precious woods and wild flowers met in a delicate and enchanting combination. An emotional journey then diluted in the sophisticated notes of rose and blackcurrant, closing the inevitably unforgettable experience.

From creation to diffusion of the fragrance

The mastery of the Scent noses in creating the exclusive fragrance for the Excelsior Hotel Gallia was combined with the skills of our specialised technicians, who were able to install the best diffusion systems tailored to the location.

Thanks to a skilful diffusion method, the fragrance can envelop the senses and evoke images, memories and sensations. What also makes the power of scent unique is its ability to speak a universal language, understandable by anyone in an immediate and exciting way.

If you feel like experimenting with new frontiers of sensory marketing, we can help you build the olfactory scenography of your next event. To stand out from your competitors in terms of originality and win not only the interest, but also your clients subconscious mind.

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