The best systems for diffusing your fragrance

Sistemi di diffusione profumo

Creating a personalised olfactory signature for your brand means expanding the boundaries of your communication and turning your business spaces into vibrant multi-sensory oases. In order to bind your customers to your brand through the invisible thread of emotions, it is essential to trigger a cascade of overwhelming sensations that, from the first encounter, will make your environments absolutely unforgettable.

Thanks to olfactory branding, it will be impossible to forget your fragrance and that impalpable set of scents that reach the most secret corners of the mind. The discovery of the olfactory pyramid that best describes your brand is, however, only one of the components of an effective sensory journey: it is also essential to understand how to harmoniously diffuse your fragrance in the ambience, so that they reach your visitors and tease them with olfactory memories.

This is why we have also chosen to take care of designing, producing and supplying our customers with the most advanced high-tech systems, an essential complement to your multisensory branding strategy.

Scent Company diffusion systems

Our exclusive Made-in-Italy technology include modern methods of diffusing the fragrance in the ambiance, which blend in perfectly with the design of each location.

Scent Company’s fragrance diffusion solutions are divided into two main categories: Our channelized systems connected to the HVAC and our mobile systems which can be controlled with the touch of a button.

The first category includes both Enjoy Remote and its Plus version.

What the two technologies have in common is the integrated GPRS, which enables convenient remote control of the systems. Thanks to our advanced management software, our team, will set up and adjust the intensity and timing of your fragrance and check the refill levels of your systems so you can just enjoy the scent and relax. So you can create your own olfactory logo design with the help of our Scent experts and then enjoy the experience, wherever you are in the world.

The Enjoy Sensitive and Enjoy Sensitive Lux mobile systems, on the other hand, are column diffuser. Their elegant shape allows you to satisfy both sight and smell: their diffusion capacity reaches 300 m³ and allows you to uniformly scent your retail store, the most strategic areas of your hotel, your showroom. Both are available in a variety of attractive colours.

Finally, the Enjoy Mood 2.0 Bluetooth is a micro nebulizer designed to perfume spaces from 150 to 300 m³. It can be install it on your walls, but also on air conditioning ducts or the floor, as its numerous customisation possibilities allow it to be concealed within any style and any interior design. Installing and configuring it is extremely simple, thanks to intuitive controls and Bluetooth control: so that you can bring your olfactory microcosm to life and then let it interact with your guests’ emotions every day, without you having to worry about anything else.

Scent Company: a whole world of customer care

The state-of-the-art technology in our diffusion systems is a plus that allows us to offer you round-the-clock support through the use of our functional remote control systems. Maintaining a constant and well-calibrated scenting of the air is one of the secrets of valuable olfactory branding, and with our intuitive Scent software we monitor that everything is going according to plan.

No matter where in the world, you can count on our extensive service network, an ever-expanding network of local technicians and partners that allows us to be wherever you need us to be.

Our all-inclusive service comprehensive of installation, perfume refill and maintenance means our local team will take care of everything so you and your customers can simply enjoy the scent

Ours is a strategy that allows you to create your own olfactory brand identity and convey it with the utmost precision and coherence to the mysterious sensory universe of your customers. Contact us now to talk to a consultant and design your personalised olfactory scenario together.

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