The Olfactory Branding Project for Four Seasons Hotel Dubai DIFC

The Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre, designed by Adam Tihany, is using its own tailored ambient scent so that guests can take a sensory reminder home. The fragrance is diffused in the hotel environment through professional and hidden scenting machines at the entrance, in the lobby and public areas. Researches have demonstrated that the inclusion of an ambient scent in a hotel can elevate the perceived quality of services, attracting and pleasing guests.


Hotel Scent branding is not a new, or particularly earth shattering. But it’s grown so fast over the last decade that it’s basically a norm now for luxury hoteliers to offer signature scents from Day 1.

According to Forbes, Mandarin Oriental’s branding specialists stated that “hotel guests remember what they smell two times longer and more vividly than what they see or hear.” The Sense of Smell Institute urges that after a year, the human nose can recall smells with 65 percent accuracy. In comparison, after three months, there is only a 50 percent accuracy of visuals. Plus, 75 percent of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. Needless to say, scent branding is an invisible marketing investment that really pays off (Information Source at this link).


The desire to discover new and wonderful things is a basic human instinct. The lure of the unknown has a magical attraction that we find hard to escape.

Perfumers play with precisely this charm of the unknown, pleasurable and exciting as it is. The unknown is what makes us notice a perfume and stimulates our interest in it.

The ambient fragrance built up to a luxury and International hotel like the  Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre  is mysterious, fascinating, intriguing. It simultaneously triggers in us a whole bouquet of agreeable sensations. The psychological effect of scents turns out to be the true secret of their success.

Four Seasons Hotel Dubai DIFC signature scent is shaped by the hotel’ values, personality, history, by the culture and tradition of the origin country and finally by the emotions to transmit.  The brain then weaves its magic and forges an unbreakable bond between the Signature Scent and the brand’s story and the location.


Scent is incredibly powerful and can allow the imagination to freely relate to one’s own memories, inducing a sense of nostalgia, joy and exploration. Curating a multi-sensory environment, results in our senses becoming heightened and our experience infinitely more memorable.

Immersion in such an experience can surprise and entertain, interact and immerse, influence and challenge, generating the ultimate response: emotion. With this lies the ability to attach emotional values to brands and connect with clientele on a deeper level.

The olfactory journey we have designed for the Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre  is a full multi-sensory experience using the sky as the limit imagination. 

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